My Top 5 Movies to binge-watch when sick

Some might have recognized that there hasn’t been any upload this week which has been because it totally knocked me out. I had been so sick I can’t even remember being this sick in years. 

The only thing I wanted to do was sleeping, sleeping and well you guessed totally right more sleeping. That’s also the reason why I haven’t been very active on instagram either. First of all I looked awful, literally my hair was dirty my eyes red an swollen as well as my nose and also my face has been even paler than it already is – yes I was surprised that this is possible too. 

Anyways what I like to do when feeling a little bit better but still not totally fit is binge watch all the old movies I loved to watch when younger or movies that make me happy. I mean who wants to watch something horrific when already feeling like that? 
BTW: Don’t laugh on my film choices they might be dumb and are definitely not everyones cup of tea but these are films that cheer me up so I wanted to give you some recommendations. 


  1. Wild Child: I love this movie. I love Emma Roberts and the fact that she’s turing from a Malibu Barbie to a someone more down to earth, finding real friends and finally realizing what’s important in life. Just a classic teenage girl film about High School, Boys and Friendship. If you haven’t seen it up to now I totally recommend it, it’s perfect for a girly night watching cheesy teenage films.  
  2. High School Musical 1-3 : I mean I can’t leave this one out. I don’t love them I am OBSESSED with all three parts of the film. They just take me back to the good old days when my only problem has been whether to wear the black or the blue jeans to school. I love singing all of the songs jamming out as loud as I can. Yes my mother hated me for that because my singing voice might not be the best. thaha. 
  3. Camp Rock: You knew this one is coming too. Same love singing along and crying when something super dramatic is happening. Just another classic movie to watch to feel better. You might now see a direction this whole thing is going to. I am just a total fan of such cheesy high school drama films and I will always be. 
  4. Another Cinderella Story: I know every word to every scene. When I got the DVD as christmas present quiet some time ago I binged watched it to death. So that’s mostly the reason I can already talk and sing along. thaha I’m so dumb I know but I absolutely love it. I still can’t stop laughing about Mary’s stepmother. She’s just too funny. 
  5. Legally Blonde 1-2: My favorite. Out of all these five definitely my favorite. I love Elle Woods, she’s just the perfect Barbie showing everyone that being blonde doesn’t mean you have to be dumb as well. I also absolutely love the story behind these films. Achieving everything even though no one believes in you not even your own parents. BTW it’s just too hilarious not to watch. I rematched it yesterday and my mom and me were rolling on the floor because we have been laughing so hard. 

So if you ever feel sick again or are having a totally down day just watch one of these movies and you will definitely feel so much better immediately. 

To conclude I wanted to thank everyone that send me get well soon wishes I feel so much better, already singing and dancing again. I also have been for a little walk again to get my heart rate back on track. Of course what helped me the most have definitely been these movies – or so. 


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