Ready for Tuscany

Finally. I’ve been waiting for this trip the whole summer. As I haven’t been traveling all summer so far this vacation happens right on cue. My boyfriend and me had been working so much that we really need this time off the schedule. 
So I thought it may be interesting for you what I pack for such a trip. 

As I wasn’t allowed to bring my whole wardrobe with me, is here what I packed into my amazing little pink suitcase


Next to the usual stuff as underwear, shorts, T-shirts and so on I have some key pieces I always bring with me. As I am suffering from Acne I need to bring my prescribed cremes and gels with me. Fun Fact: If I am leaving just over night I have more stuff with me than most people for a whole week but I can’t leave this at home.
Also an essential is sunscreen – this is very important especially when you are going somewhere hot in summer. I like to bring 2 – one in SPF 20 and one in SPF 50 so my whole body will be prepared.
This may sound a little bit weird but I am never traveling without my coconut oil. I use this for nearly every part of my body – for my hair and body – to stop it from drying too much, and for my nails and lashes to keep them strong.
Obviously I need my swim wear and some sunnies and something to throw over my bikini on the beach.
What I always bring with me on a vacation is a book or at least a magazine to read next to the pool or while tanning.


What are your essential things for a vacation? Let me know in the comments or if I have forgotten to pack some pretty important stuff also tell me. 😉 
Hope your summe is also going pretty good so far. 

xxx Nina 



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