Exploring little SIENA

As the weather wasn’t always the best, we decided to go on a little adventure and explore Siena. After an hour of driving (as I see it not too long) we arrived in this little city built into a hill. All the little paths are pretty narrow and some of them pretty steep. My grandfather, who is 94 years old, had some issues climbing up but the beauty of this little town also amazed him.
On the top of the hill there is a little church which looks pretty cool from the outside, because of its painting. The main square has something special: every year horses are riding around there and thousands of people happen to be watching it. My grandpa said it is absolutely worth seeing. I don’t know exactly when this happens but I will link some information about it here.
My boyfriend and I explored it by ourselves and we found some cute alleys with lots of nice shops in it. All of them where total Italian – everything was weather made by hand or a unique object.

But here is the most amazing part about Siena – the FOOD: we came to places where pizza costs only 2,50€ per slice, but one slice is as big as your head. Also the taste is absolutely delicious. One thing Italian can do is cooking, weather spaghetti, meat, pizza or sweet stuff – when Italian start cooking it is always a culinary delight.

I hope you enjoyed my little Story about Siena and can’t wait to visit it as soon as possible. I swear by god, this city is amazing, wonderful, fantastic. Although it is very small it has so much love and attitude. I can recommend it to anyone who also loves Roma or any other Italian city.
Please let me know if you have ever been to Siena or if you want to go there one day.

xxx Nina

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