Rocking Firenze with Style

Last city we visited in Tuscany was Firenze – gorgeous city. I, personally thing Siena is the most beautiful city in Tuscany but Firenze also has a lot of charge. My boyfriend said that he would move there immediately if he could speak italian. 

As we were wandering around a lot trying to find all the sights and some nice spots, I needed to have an outfit that is stylish and comfortable at the same time. As the weather was amazing it also had to be on the summery side. 
This dress, from Zara, was the best decision ever made. It isn’t too long, so it isn’t touching the ground cleaning everything up behind you and also it made me feel pretty sexy but not too much – if you know what I mean. 
Also this kind of style with the free back and this pattern is absolutely trending right now. 
Another bonus is that it isn’t expansive at all and the quality is amazing. I really have to say that Zara always gets my heart – it is definitely my favorite store in the entire world because quality and pricing are coordinating perfectly. (I am not sponsored!)

As our parking ticket was valid for two hours only, it wasn’t possible for us to explore everything, but we saw the main things. I will put some images here, so you can see a little bit of our trip. 

I am so happy to finally be back on this page so I can update you guys regularly about my life. Also I am really enjoying my life right now, which hasn’t always been the case in the past. 

xxx Nina 

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