Review: Hi-Smile Teeth Whitening

I was so lucky to be testing out the whitening kit by Hi-Smile. As it was coming all the way from Australia it took about 14 days to reach my mailbox – but I have to say it was definitely worth the wait. I really have to say that for me the look is the most important thing and for this product the packaging is amazing, the theme is white and light pink, what more do I have to say? I am just a little girly girl when it comes to light pink.

In the box there are three shots with the gel in it, and the thing you have to put into the mouth with the LED light. Also it is pretty detailed described how to use it right, so really no-one could make anything wrong. Also it comes with a little scale to find out what color your teeth are having before and after the process. It is recommended to use this six days in a row to see the result. 


At first I was scared to try because I thought whitening at home isn’t the best for your teeth and the dental enamel but as I wanted to have whiter teeth so badly I overcame my fear and tried it out. So on the first day I was quiet excited and was afraid to do something wrong. First of all you need to brush your teeth. You have to put 1/4 of the gel onto the mouth tray and then put it in your mouth and turn on the light. Wait for ten minutes and then rinse it off with warm water. The light turns off automatically so there is no fear in overseeing the time. 


I have to say the taste of the gel isn’t the best, but I think no whitening gel tastes amazing. BUT all in all I am so amazed by this product. It isn’t hard to use and it totally fulfills its purpose. My teeth turned a lot whiter and I have the feeling that they are glowing now when I smile. I also recommended it to so many friends after they asked me if i made something with my teeth as they were looking so amazing. I don’t know now how long they will stay this white as drinking coffee and tea is an enemy for white teeth but I will definitely keep you updated. 

But by now I really have to say my teeth don’t feel hurt at all, the dental enamel is still perfect and my teeth feel smooth. I feel so much more comfortable now. If you want to try it aswell I will put a link here:

xxx Nina


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