My Acne Story + Tips

The last summer hasn’t been the best. I don’t know why but my skin was breaking out so badly that I had been sitting at home crying the whole time. Mainly it has been on my forehead and my mouth area and I really tried so much to get rid of it. I was rejecting seeing a doctor such a long time and that brings us to my first tip:

1. See a doctor:
As I was rejecting it that long and trying to find a solution by myself I had been wasting so much time that would have helped my skin to get healthy earlier. I was using the wrong products and made the mistake many people are making and that was to exaggerate the use of products so my skin had no time to heal or breath.
My doctor made an analysis of my skin type and gave me some acne products, as my acne had been really bad. If your skin isn’t that bad you may just get some recommendations but it is better hearing it from a real doctor than by Dr. Google.

2. Less is More:
I know when you see a pimple coming you want to do anything to get rid of it but don’t use too much. Your skin might react in the total opposite direction as you get more pimples or your skin will get used to the ingredients and won’t help anymore. Your skin needs time where you don’t do anything at all except rinsing it off with water. I know I am not a specialist but I will give you the tips that helped me overcoming my crisis.

3. Don’t squeeze them:
This one was the hardest for me to fulfill, as it is so much fun and so satisfying to see what is coming out of your pores. Who else is like me? Thumbs up for this satisfaction. Really try to keep your hands away from your face and don’t squeeze it will come out by itself or disappear completely. When you push them your pores will get wider or in the worst case your face will get so many scars you won’t be able to get rid of anymore.

4. Healing process takes its time:
Many want to see results from one day to the other but it is the same in the gym. Your body needs time to transform and that’s the same with your skin it needs time to renew itself. Try to eat healthy, sleep enough and fulfill my tips and after three to four weeks you will see what time can bring.

I also had been testing some homeopathic pills that made my skin explode even more. I was so unhappy not feeling happy anymore. I tried to cover it with make up but even that doesn’t help and as I wasn’t able to not squeeze them I have now some scars on my face. I went to see a doctor and she changed my birth control pill and gave me some acne treatments to use everyday at home. After three months my skin now feels amazing I can finally laugh again and if some time a pimple shows up I am not making any drama anymore as it is normal to have one from time to time. Another important point is to think that other people don’t see it that badly so don’t overreact and keep on smiling.

I hope I was able to help you and maybe some of you will adopt some of this tips into their daily routine.

xxx Nina

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