Granny Hair

Lately I became really obsessed changing my hair constantly. As you may know I first went to really light blond hair than changed to pastel pink and now we are here my hair is grey now and I absolutely love it. 
I always wanted to get my hair done like this but I don’t know why I just was too scared of the result. The same thing with my pastel pink hair at first I was really scared to do it but then I said „It’s just hair, I can change them anytime.“ If you’re interested in my pastel hair post check it out here.

When I went to see my hairdresser last Friday the only thing I wanted to do was getting all the yellow stuff out of my hair. I swear I regret dying them blonde so much but I wanted to let them grow out but as my hair was getting more yellow everyday I decided to see him earlier. I explained him my problem and said that I just wanted a different kind of blond a cooler toned one and he was like „Hey what about grey hair?“ – I wasn’t really thinking about it as I heard myself say „Yeah thats nice“ thaha so now I am here rocking my grey hair and I love it. I got so many compliments even my boyfriend who was skeptical first said that it looks amazing. 


The procedure took about 2 hours as I got a haircut aswell and as I was dying my roots a little bit darker to match the grey better. It is only a tint so it will wash out but I hope it stays in for a really long time. I had been washing my hair twice since then and I can say it stays up to now and I am loving my hair more and more each day. Another thing is that grey hair suits everybody and I can just recommend trying it. Like I already said it is just hair you can cut them or dye them again so you can change them whenever you feel like it. Just do it you won’t regret it. 


xxx Nina

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