Review: Estée Lauder Double Wear Foundation

I had been testing out lots of foundations as my skin turned into a combination to dry skin. It is really difficult to handle my skin as it is breaking out easily. I know this may sound weird but I have to watch everything I am putting on my skin as it is reacting immediately. Thank god I finally know what to do. 

Combination Skin means having oily skin in the T-Zone but dry skin on the rest of the face and that makes it difficult. You have to dry out the oily part as well as moisturizing it at the same time. What I think is a little funny is that my nose area is really really dry so i don’t know what my skin is really like. 

As I wanted to cover up every little Acne Spot I wanted a foundation that can fulfill three points:

  • Covering my Acne
  • Not creating more Acne
  • Matching my skin tone


I have a very light skin color which makes it even harder to find the right one. I have been running from drugstore to drugstore testing out every oil-free foundation possible, but all of them made me either break out more or weren’t matching my skin color. So I decided to look for more expensive brands, like MAC, Bobbi Brown or YSL. All of them had oil-free foundations but none of them worked. The MAC one made me break out, the Bobbi Brown one wasn’t covering anything – I had the feeling that it was highlighting them even more – and the YSL one wasn’t available in such a light shade. 
I decided to google and search for non-comedogenic skin products and found the Estée Lauder Double Wear Foundation. As my stepmother is working for the company I was able to get it for less as it is really expensive. 


I have been testing it out for more than three months now and I have to say „I LOVE IT„. It makes my skin look healthy and flawless. Every spot is covered and it prevents my skin from breaking out. The application is very easy and it doesn’t look caky at all. You just need a small amount for your whole face, so it will last you a long time. Of course it depends on how often you use it. The only thing that annoys me is that it doesn’t have a pump. In the beginning I was pouring out way too much product but my stepmother told me to cover the opening with my thumb to control it better. 
To conclude if you have combination or very very sensitive skin, I can really recommend you this product. It is more on the pricy side but I personally think that I rather spend more on my foundation than making my skin look even worse. Also it is available in every skin tone – even mine and that has to say something. 

I hope I was able to give you a good review of that product. 

xxx Nina 

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