How To Get Bombass Lashes

I know I am totally blessed with the length of my lashes and they always have been extremely long. That’s something I would never complain about although wearing sunglasses is sometimes a struggle as my lashes touch the glass and it gets all smudgy – but as I already said I will never complain about my lashes. My eyes in general are the part of me I definitely love the most. 


But I have a trick for you, that I am doing everyday for 3 months now and it made my lashes even longer and definitely stronger. There is only one thing I do and that is coating my lashes with coconut oil. I know it seems pretty simple and obvious but it is true. I have been testing it everyday and I really have to say it makes a difference. 

I use just a normal coconut oil from a local drug store and I think every kind of coconut oil will work. Just be careful and don’t use too much as my eyes had been tearing a lot. 
That’s it simple as that and it will change the life of your lashes forever. 

xxx Nina
PS: I am sorry that the pics aren’t very high quality but as Christmas is over you’ll see an increase in my picture game as I am having a new camera 

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👻 nina.gallsnapcode

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