4 Tips to save Money

As some of you may know i am a student and i was one of the students that never had any money left and were starving the last week of every month. i knew that i have to do something about it and so i changed somethings to safe some extra money for some nice  things like going out or going shopping and also have enough to have food in my fridge all the time.

Here are some of my favorite tips and tricks i like to include into my everyday life to make everything easier.

1. make a list

i know this may sound obvious but it’s true when you write down your starting budget  and what your fix costs are, like the internet bill or the phone bill,  you know what you will have left for the necessary stuff in your life, like food, medicine etc. And by the end of the month you’ll see what’s left.

2. Food preparing 

Yes i know this may sound lavishly and i also was a little bit sceptical about this one in the beginning – but I have been doing it for months now and i am saving so much money as i don’t have to cook every single day  and i only need to buy groceries once every week and that is so amazing.Me personally i make a list of groceries i need for this special meal and only buy what is on the list so i don’t spend some extra money. Try it out and convince yourself if you don’t trust me.

3. have a goal

personally my goal is to travel somewhere far far away and as traveling costs a lot of money  i made my goal to be able to afford this journey by the end of the year and that’s why i like to think twice about where i am spending my money. For example i never go out for dinner or lunch as i don’t think it is important to spend so much money on food but that’s just my personal feeling.

4. safe a specific amount every month

this tip may sound a little bit weird but  put a specific amount of money aside every moth or week. Hide it somewhere you can’t see it like on another bank account or somewhere at home and don’t touch it you will see how much money you’ll have saved by the end of the year.

I know these tips aren’t new or made up by myself but these are just all the tips that helped me to keep track of where my money is going and what unnecessary things i bought with it. I hope you’ll use some of them and if you have some more tips let me know

xxx Nina

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