Ruffles Ruffles All Over

When I walk into a store at the moment I see one huge trend everywhere – RUFFLES. Of course some of you may think that some of the pieces are totally overdone and have way too many of them but I can’t help myself I am so obsessed with all of these ruffles. For me personally there can’t be enough even if I would wear them all over. I may look a little bit weird, I admit that. 


Sweater – Zara 
Shoes – Zara
Jeans – Brandy Melville
Watch – Kapten and Son 
Glasses – RayBan

At the moment I have a huge problem as everytime I walk into a zara store, I come out with a bag filled with the most adorable clothes ever. First I found this amazing sweater and you can totally see why I bought it – it has ruffles. 
Another thing that I picked up there had been these more than amazing pompom shoes that people wether love or hate there is no in-between. 
When I was strolling through the streets of lovely Graz yesterday, so many people where like OMG look at these ugly shoes but on the other side many said that they are totally in love with them – I admit only girls fancy these shoes (and cats). 


What I love so much about the sweater is that there are not only ruffles it also has a little twist to it as it looks like you are wearing a shirt underneath. From my point of view you can totally wear it with anything and it is also very wearable and not too over the top. I can say it was definitely worth its money and I didn’t regret the purchase at all .


all pictures taken by my beloved friend Lilia Yang 

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