Sweet Peach Palette

As many of you may know Too Faced rereleased their Sweet Peach Palette. So far I didn’t have earned anything from Too Faced but so many well known Youtuber were using stuff form this brand that I also wanted to try something myself. As they have so much stuff I wasn’t able to decide what I wanted – but as I love me some nice eyeshadows I decided to go with this palette. I only heard amazing things about it so I thought I can’t go wrong.


For me – as an austrian girl – it was pretty hard to get my hands on it because I wasn’t feeling like spending so much money on shipping. Luckily a very good friend of mine traveled to Barcelona, where she bought it for me. Unfortunately there is no Sephora here in good old Austria. 
I didn’t know what to expect at first and I have to admit that I was a little bit scared that it may be a waste of money. It proved me wrong this stuff is more than amazing. The price-performance ratio is excellent.  


The second I got it I was already ripping off the packaging and staring at all these amazing shades and colors. First I recognized this amazing peachy and springy smell – but not too intense – it is just the perfect amount of smell. Unfortunately after the application to the lids the smell is gone. 
I also have been creating some very nice looks with it and got compliments everywhere. Everyone was like :“Omg what have you used as eyeshadows the colors are amazing“


I was fascinated too. The pigmentation is like heaven on earth- you don’t need much product to create a saturated look. It also convinces you with the fact that the colors blend in easily and all the colors on the palette are complimenting each other. Until now I had been using the palette three times and as you can see I had been using the golden, brown and olive colors. As you can see the colors are highly pigmented and stunning looking.


I was even thinking about giving away all my other palettes as this one covers you with everything. 
If you love make-up and playing around with eye shadows as much as I do – I can highly recommend you guys this palette. 
Also if you are a little digger for cute packaging you will absolutely love this one – I mean who doesn’t love fruits and palettes with a nice ombre colored effect? 


xxx Nina 🍑

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