Oldschool Levis Shirt

Everyone is wearing it. Really EVERYONE. And everyone wants to get their hands on it. I am talking about the old school Levis Shirt. It’s not brand new but it had been rediscovered by many fashion bloggers and celebrities. 
When I saw it in the store I was like: I Love it, I Need it, I Buy it. You can really wear it on an everyday basis and look quiet put together but not as if you are trying too hard – if you know what I mean. 

It comes in many different styles and colors. When you go on asos.de you’ll find any style your heart wishes for. I decided to go for the classical one as I love my basic stuff. It is not the cheapest shirt out there on the market but it is durable. The material of mine is quiet thin and see-through but I really like that about it – I can really imagine wearing it on a hot summer day and not sweating my ass off. 


Another fact why I am totally obsessed with it is, that you can pair it with anything – really. You can dress it up for the evening or down when you want to wear it to university or what you up to on that day. I personally paired it with my favorite pair of jeans and a nice blazer on top to keep me a little bit warmer as the weather doesn’t let me go out without one. Also my lovely silver shoes, with which I am totally obsessed and a nice belt to give my waist a little bit more dimension. As I felt like being a bit extra that day I braided some pearls on top of my head and I felt like Ariana Grande to be honest.  


Shirt – Levis
Blazer – H&M
Belt – Brandy Melvill
Jeans – Brandy Melville
Shoes – Zara
Pearls – Selfmade 

For the evening version I would wear it with some nice High Heels and a little Clutch and you are good to go. Maybe a nicer pair of jeans but that is totally up to you. 

PS: At the moment I am trying to sell some of my clothes on Shpock.com and I would really appreciate it when you go and have a look – maybe I can make you happy. 

xxx Nina 

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