Madonna Blogger Award

It was such an honor being at the Madonna Blogger Awards last thursday in Vienna. When I came to know that I won two tickets I had been screaming and running around like crazy. I immeditely called my best friend to come and join me at this special day.

So many great austrian aswell as international bloggers had been nominated for different categories, like Fashion, international, education, etc. As it has been an Event in Austria mostly austrian influencer were there. Luckily also some foreign influencer flew to vienna to join us.

My friend and I got ready at my place and we decided to take an Uber for the first time in our lives. Uber is one of the best inventions ever as we got there pretty fast in a pretty decent car. Also we paid so much less than we would have paid for a taxi.
If you want to use my Uber code I will leave it here for you: 85jt49

The moment we arrived at the location the first people we ran into had been Lamiya and Dounia Slimani. I am such a big fan of these two beauties. I love their YouTube Videos aswell as their Blogs as they are just grounded and always themselves. They don’t try to be happy when they aren’t – if you know what I mean. These two are so inspiring and motivating to never give up your dreams.
My decision was clear I had to take a picture with them. I was so nervous that all the sentences and questions I prepared for that moment had been gone. My brain was so empty – I was talking like crazy but nothing made sence. What I can say is that these two are as nice in Person as they seem to be on the Internet. They are definitely worth a follow. I will link their accounts here:

Dounia: Blog –
YouTube –

Lamiya: Blog –
YouTube –


After the awardshow my friend and I took some Pictures of us and the whole Location, also woth one of the greatest Fashionbloggers of our Generation namely Riccardo Simonetti. His Outfit had been Goals. I mean look at this.


He had been an Idol for me for such a long time and it was so surreal to finally meeting him in person. I wanted to tell him so much and as always I had a verbal diarrhoea. I wasn’t able to stop talking. That is me when pretending to be cool and not nervous at all I am getting even more nervous.


Jumpsuit – Zara
Socks – Topshop
Shoes – Asos

To conclude my post I cannot tell you how happy and thankful I am that I had been there. It was such a dream came true as I always wanted to attend such an event. So many amazing People had been there that had been so inspiring and nice. It was so surreal that we had been able to talk to everybody and that they had been mixed under the normal crowd – if you know what I mean. I know this may be a little bit confusing but I am still speechless when thinking about that day.

I really hope to be attending more Events like this in the future.

Health and Fitness – Gerid Rux
Beauty – Lamiya Slimani
International – Riccardo Simonetti
New Face – Beatrix Treml
Lifestyle – Ilja Jay
Bildung – Daniel Jung
Fashion – Karin Kaswurm
Food – Christina Rechtberger
Mama Blog – Paula Timofte
YouTube – Kim Lianne

xxx Nina

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