I Needed A Change

Many people try to change their look when spring is coming around – so am I. I wanted to cut off my hair for the past two months but never really had the guts to really do it. I was so sick of my hair and the color and also that it had been dry like the Sahara and that’s why I decided to go and cut it off – no excuses. 
I went to the coiffeur I will always trust in – namely Doppelhofer & Steininger. It may not be the cheapest but it is so worth it. Back in the days I hated going to the coiffeur but as soon as I discovered them I love it and want to come back all the time. I just love their work I always come out happier than before. I am always like do whatever you want and I never got disappointed. 


I told my Coiffeur – Matze – that I want to cut my hair into a bob and he was like okay let me show you how it will look like and I was like okay perfect. I didn’t expected him to take the scissors and cut off my hair straight away.  I was a little bit shocked first but immediately fell in love with the new length. He added some nice highlights and to make it extra ashy he topped my hair with a nice lilac tone. I wasn’t expecting the result to be that amazing. Also I have already be washing it and I love styling my new hair it is so easy. I may not be able to make a ponytail but I can through it from left to right and vice versa and always look perfect. 

98462I have to say I love it. I am so impressed with my new hair – it was just one of the best decisions ever made.
I just can recommend anyone that want to change something in their lives – whether it is hair, look, fashion or weight – just go out and do it. You will feel so much better afterwards you will feel free and also so much happier for trying out something completely new. I was so shy and inconspicuous when I was younger. I never wanted to talk to anybody even my friends I have always been the one at the party sitting in the back and watching everyone having fun. Now I am just happy with who I am and not complaining about how god made me. Also I am always thinking that everything is happening for a reason – even if you don’t know what for one day you’ll realize it. 

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