Welcome Spring – My Go-To Look

Finally the days are getting warmer and warmer and the sun is out more often. When it comes to spring for me the only problem is wearing the right amount of clothes so that I am not feeling too cold or too warm. Does anyone else but me have these kind of problems? I can’t be the only one. 
So I wanted to show you my favorite outfit at the moment that suits everybody. It is pretty simple and easy but with the right accessories and the right attitude you are slaying every day. 


I love wearing blouses. I have so many different types and colors that I feel like it might be some kind of addiction. As I see it you can pair blouses with everything really – it doesn’t matter if you pair it with heels, sandals, sneakers or even joggers you will always look well dressed and put together. My favorite ones are the classic white ones and also the flowy material makes them so lightweight. 
I always have some kind of leather or denim jacket with me just in case the weather decides to turn up side down and I start freezing. 

What I love to wear with this blouse is my favorite pair of jeans as they are ripped at the bottom and just go down to the calfs. It has some kind of a mom fit which is totally en vogue at the moment. Mom jeans are the kind of jeans to get right now, you can find them in nearly every store and in every shape and form possible. 


Last but not least the best part of my look – the shoes. Can we take a second to appreciate these amazing strappy heels from Asos. I saw them on the homepage some time ago and I knew that I had to get them. Even though it had been winter when ordering them but I knew spring has been right around the corner waiting for me wearing them. To be honest I thought they may be a little bit uncomfortable but after breaking them in I can walk for hours and miles in them. They are just stunning and sparkling and awesome. 

As the time of wearing scarfs is finally over – okay maybe not if you live in Vienna as the wind is unbearable – I can finally layer my necklaces again to give this look even more spice. Also a nice watch to always be punctual – okay I was only wearing it because it suits the look. To be honest the time isn’t actually the right one so I have to look at my phone to know what time it is. 


I thought I would show you the look with flat shoes as well because I can totally understand if you don’t like walking around in heels all day as that can be quite painful. I definitely know what I am talking about my feet have blisters everywhere and scars as well. 


Shop My Look: 

Blouse – Zara (similar)
Jeans – Brandy Melville
Heels – Asos
Ballerina – Massimo Mutti (similar)
Bag – Furla
Choker – Brandy Melville
Necklace – H&M (similar)
Sunglasses – RayBan
Watch – Casio

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