Make Button-Up Shirts Look Extra

I read an article in my favorite magazine – MISS – about how to wear your shirts and blouses in a different more interesting way. All the stars are doing it and rocking this new style. 
I have a button-up shirt at home that looks worn quiet unfitted. I only wear it underneath sweaters but never on it’s own as it just hangs on my body doing nothing and also looking like nothing special. When reading this article I was immediately thinking about a way how I can now totally rock this boring shirt. 


I wore my favorite pair of Jeans with a little embroidery on the legs. For shoes I thought High Heels or just satrapy Heels would look amazing with this look but I don’t really felt like hurting my feet that day as I had to run around a lot, so I decided to wear my beloved gold adidas shoes. I don’t know if these are still available, as it had been a special edition for New Year but I will do my best and try to find them. 
I decided to button-up my shirt asymmetrically so that one shoulder is free. I am really digging this look and I would totally wear this everyday. It just gives my outfit something extra and thats what I really like. I also got many weird looks but that’s okay as people often don’t understand fashion. They just wear their stuff like they were told to – namely boring without fun. 


On the other hand I also got many compliments on this look what made my heart jump. I love trying out the newest fashion trends and seeing the reaction on the street afterwards. I can totally see me doing this all day everyday. 

Shop My Look

Jeans – Topshop
Shirt – Zara
Shoes – Adidas (similar)
Bag – Michael Kors
Glasses – RayBan

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