Testing Shay Mitchell’s Make-Up Look

I saw this look on her Instagram and also on her Snapchat some time ago and wanted to recreate  it myself. She rocks this gorgeous looking blue eyeshadow look and it makes her face even more stunning than it had been before. 

I went to my Make-Up drawer and was like, hey how difficult can it be? – well I really didn’t know what was coming my way. I knew she was using different shades of blue. One color, that is more green in the crease, and another one that is way more blue on the lower lash line. Luckily I have such colors at home as I am a total sucker for Make-Up products. 


To start off I primed my lid with my concealer and also set it with my translucent powder. Than I went in with a nice brown shade that is just slightly darker than my lid and put it all over. To continue I added this nice green/blue shade with a big fluffy brush into my crease and started blending, blending and blending and even more blending. I totally underestimated the pigmentation of this color. But after a good 10 minutes of just blending the color was like I wanted it. 
On her picture I saw that in the inner part of her crease she was wearing a darker brown shade to give her eyes more dimension and so I did it the same way. 
Lastly – as for eyeshadow – I used a way more bluer blue on my lower lash line and also blended it in until I had the look I was desiring. 


On my upper lash line I added a tiny, tiny eyeliner line and finished the whole look with a huge amount of mascara. I don’t like wearing false lashes, like Shay was wearing, so I decided to coat my lashes too make them as long and full as possible. If you want to also try this look out I would recommend wearing falsies with it as it just gives it a much more glamorous touch to it. 


I know I am not showing a step by step tutorial but I wanted to show you my result and also my personal opinion on this look . I really love how it turned out. It wasn’t difficult to recreate at all, you just have to be very careful when applying the blue colors as they can be very pigmented. I would recommend starting by using just a little bit in the beginning and building it up as you go. Otherwise you would be standing there like me for 10 minutes blending. All in all it is also a look that you can wear everyday as it isn’t that intense, thats just how I see it personally. 

Hope you are having fun recreating it. 

Products Used:

BB Cream – Bebe Young Care
Contour – Benefit Hoola Bronzer
Concealer – Catrice Camouflage Concealer
Powder – Essence All About Matte Powder
Brown Shadows – Smashbox
Green/Blue Shade – NYX 
Blue Shade – MAC
Lipstick – MAC 
Mascara – Benefit They’re Real
Brows – Benefit 

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