All About My Summer

The semester has now been over for quiet some time now and of course I made some plans for my vacation beforehand. Unfortunately my summer isn’t that spectacular as you may think. 

Luckily, as I am a student, I am having 3 full months of doing whatever my heart desires – most of the times. As I really wanted to earn some money and gain experience, I decided to work the whole month of July. Some may be curious and wonder where I am working at the moment. 
My uncle and my aunt are the owners of a huge pharmaceuticals office, where I will be spending the next weeks. I have already mastered my first week here and I absolutely love it. I learn so much about the pharmaceuticals industry and what is really important when inventing with a new product. 
Of course the only issue is that my body isn’t used to that early waking up thing but it will adjust to the new situation soon – hopefully.


In approximately two weeks my cousin is going to marry and so I will be at this huge wedding, which I am very excited about. I have my dress, my shoes and all the stuff I need, so I am well prepared and can’t wait for the day to finally come. 

My boyfriend and I decided to make a relaxed summer holiday and travel through Austria and maybe visit Munich or Croatia. We decided that we can still change our minds because my family has some place to stay for us in all these cities. That’s pretty nice so we are not that pressured with staying at the same place all the time. One thing, that we are going to do for sure is hiking in Kitzbühel and also visiting some lakes accross the country. I will write a blogpost about every country I will visit, so you will always be updated. I know my information are quiet sporatic. 


Now on to the best part: My best friend and I decided to fly to France this September and I am already crossing the days in my calender. We will be staying in Cannes and will also be traveling to Monaco, Nice, Fragonard and many more places around the Cote d’Azur. Maybe we will drive to St. Tropez as well but we will see. For sure there will be another blogpost and I will take so many pictures that you will have the feeling of being there as well. 

Another thing is that my mother decided to spend a holiday with her family and her boyfriend, so I will also be in Italy for one week as well. Unfortunately we still don’t know where to go or when everything will happen but I love being spontaneous. These trips are often the most relaxing and awesome ones. 

What will your summer look like?

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