Updated Skincare Routine

As some of you may know I had so much trouble with my skin. My acne has been so bad that I often started crying and felt very uncomfortable in my body. I tried to hide every spot and on some days I didn’t even left the house at all. I think I am definitely not the only one having these problems, so I decided to give you an updated skin care routine to tell you what I am doing to keep my skin that clear.
I really hope I am not decrying anything right now – „knocking on wood“.


First of all I had been seeing a specialist to tell me what has been the issue. Personally, I think all the mental stress I have had, had been the reason for me breaking out so badly. After my move to Vienna my skin cleared up a lot, so I really think it had something to do with the situation that had been going on back home.
So what has changed in my skincare routine since I last posted about it?:

I have been changing my birth control pill to the Midane. It is specially made for skin issues and is one of the main influences according to clearing my skin. Of course you need to know that your skin won’t clear up overnight and that it is a process of more than a mont – unforunately.

Another thing I am using at the moment is a face wash of Alser Pharm- namely Dermaxaan Forte Cleansing Foam. You can get it on Amazon, I will link it here for you. I’ve never heard of the product before but Alser Pharm had been so nice and sent me a nice package of their products so I thought why not just try them out. I am very picky concerning skin care products as my skin is really sensitive. Honestly I am loving this product, I use it every evening to wash my face. I really like the way my skin feels after using the foam. I am not breaking out at all and also my skin doesn’t feel dry, which is amazing. So I honestly have to say that I am loving this product and recommend it to anyone that has mixed skin.

After cleansing I am using a creme that my dermatologist gave me – called Biretix Duo. I can’t say anything bad about it. The price is amazing, only 10 € for a gel that works wonders – AWESOME. You can get it in every Pharmacy and also on Amazon. I have to say that it is much more expansive when buying it on the internet so i would definitely recommend buying it in store.

That’s all I am doing with my skin at the moment and I have to say that it hasn’t been that clear for a long time. If you are wondering what I am doing in the morning – I just rinse it off with cold water.

I can finally smile again and show my face to the world without using any make-up at all.

Have you any issues with your skin? What are the products you guys trust in – I am really curious because I love trying out new things.

Products I use:

Dermaxaan Forte Reinigungsschaum
Biretix Duo


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