How I Style my Ankle Boots

As the summer in Austria only lasts one to two weeks – I am already preparing myself for autumn. The last couple days have been pouring rain here in Graz and even if it had more than 20 degrees I have been freezing cold. Okay I am definitely overreacting but my body just loves the heat. Luckily right now I am on my way to Kitzbühel for some lovely hiking sessions and then we’re, my boyfriend and I, are heading off to Croatia to fully relax. 


Anyways last week I was strolling around in the city and I definitely wanted to splurge myself with something that I always wanted – designer shoes. As I have been working a lot this year and also studied pretty well I decided that I definitely earned something nice. I know that is always my excuse why I am buying stuff. As I see it some people might not understand my decision on buying such expansive shoes and I won’t justify myself about my decision. The only thing I am saying is that I have been thinking about this investment for a long period of time so please don’t judge me. 


When seeing them in store I immediately fell for them head over heels. So many amazing looks came into my mind that I can wear them with – here is my favorite out of them all. Just a classical shirt with some blue jeans and a nice backpack. If it is getting chilly at night I would be wearing a nice leather jacket with this look. It is a very easy look that looks put together and as if I had put lots of effort into it. 
My ankle boots look quiet classic, just a nice pair of black booties but if you’re looking closer you can see the cutout in the heel that has a nice rose gold touch to it. I think this part makes these boots so extra. I can also see myself wearing these with a nice white lacey dress – they would make the outfit vampy and sultry. Basically I would even wear them with a pair of yoga pants and a simple sweater. 


For me the best part has been that I got them on sale – half price.
I have been searching the whole web to find them for the same price I got them but unfortunately I only found them full price. Although I will link them down below if someone is interesting in buying them. 


I really love the look and I got so many compliments on the shirt already. The best part it only cost 15€ – if this isn’t amazing than I don’t know what is. Asos is and will always be the best place to do the shopping. You don’t have to leave the house, it gets delivered on time and you can always send the stuff back. 


I am already seeing myself running around Kitzbühel wearing this look catching all the people staring at me. I know this sounds narcissistic but a little bit never hurt anybody. thaha

Shop my Look

Boots – Alexander Wang
Shirt – Asos
Jeans – Brandy Melville
Backpack – Michael Kors (similar)
Sunglasses – RayBan
Watch – Kapten and Son

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