Reasons I love Fall

To be honest I am not happy that summer ends right now but as I am no weather god and so can’t influence the seasons I need to accept the situation. As I am always freezing cold I love summer so much. When everyone is complaining about sweating thats when you find me jumping around because I am that happy. 
I also like spring and autumn as it is a little bit colder but not too cold. So basically the only season I absolutely hate is winter. I mean I love Christmas and also my birthday is in december but the rest is not my cup of tea. 

I decided to give you guys reasons why you definitely should love fall. Especially to those who are also not ready for the transition into the colder weather. 


  1. Fashion
    Yeah it is the time of the year. Baggy sweaters, Turtle necks and Booties are coming back. I love wearing all of this. It makes me so happy to have the feeling of being hugged by a big blanket the whole day. Also what I love about turtle neck sweaters is that I don’t need to wear a scarf. Another point is that they are absolutely versatile. You can dress them up to wear them in the evening by pairing it with a nice leather jeans and some heels or wear it casual as an every day kinda look. I paired all the three things I love – a baggy turtle neck sweater with skinny jeans and my favorite ankle boots.

    Thats one of my main reasons why I love fall. Also all the cute jackets and pants can finally be reawakened from their aestivation.


  2. Food
    Pumpkins can now be found everywhere. I love everything containing one. Spaghetti, Soup, Salad – basically just the vegetable itself as a side. The only thing I don’t really like, and I think many people will hate me for that, is the pumpkin spice latte. I just don’t like the taste of it I can’t help myself. 
    What I love making is my famous – well not that famous – soup. I love mixing a butternut squash with some coconut milk and a little bit of ginger. Blend it up and you have the most delicious soup ever. You can also add a little bit of pumpkin seed oil to it. Thats what we love doing here in Austria. 

    Another thing I love about autumn is that Ferrero Rocher is now finally back in the stores as they are having a summer break. This made me really sad as I have been craving them for quiet some time now. Thats the only reason why I wrote this into the blogpost just to make everyone else loving Rocher aware that they are now back.


  3. Autumn in General
    I love walking in the woods when the leaves are changing their color. With a lovely and cozy outfit on, a cup of tea or coffee in my hand and just enjoying the not too warm sun in my face. I know not every day in autumn looks like this but I love the fact that I am not sweating my butt off by just breathing. I love collecting chestnuts and then roast them at home. 

These are just three reasons why I love autumn and of course there are many more but these in general are the reason why I am always happy when it comes to the transition into fall. If you also have some reasons to tell me don’t be shy and write me a comment. 

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