I am what I am

„Don’t stop until you’re proud“

„Self-confidence is the best outfit – rock it and own it“

„Be proud of who you are and not ashamed of what others think of you“


I thought I would start this post with some quotes that helped me boost my confidence. I know so many amazing and beautiful women that just don’t love theirselves like they should. Standing in front of a mirror saying how ugly and fat she is – is something that makes me really sad. I know society is pretty hard by telling everyone how they should look like and what they should do and all this stuff but everyone is beautiful in their way. No one is perfect – everyone has their flaws but you need to accept and love them as they make you who you are. I thought I would tell you my story and how I became myself. 

I’ve not always been this confident – it was a really long process and as I see it I first started loving myself when moving to Vienna and changing basically everything. New City, New People, New Goals.
Of course there are still days that I am not feeling myself, especially during that time of the month, which is totally normal, but at the end of the day I am proud of myself. 

In school it wasn’t always easy for me having all these mean kids making fun of me. I always wanted that everyone likes me and it was so important to me what others think of me that I often turned into somebody that I totally wasn’t. I was not happy with the way I looked and the way I acted. I never had any weight issues I just wanted to change everything about myself. – boobs, nose, I even wanted to remove my dimple. 
Today my dimple is one of the things I love the most. It makes me special as not everyone has one. 
To continue my story it got better after high school I started liking the way I looked and  loving myself a little bit more. I think one thing that gave me confidence was dancing. As I had to perform in front of so many people it killed my fear of taking center stage. – like having presentations and things like that.
Also my family always had my back. Mine is just the best one you can have – it doesn’t matter what the problem was I always could go to them and we tried to find a solution. They always told me to be myself and if somebody doesn’t like me they don’t belong in my life and they are definitely not worth my tears. They always gave me the feeling of being proud, also the smallest things, like doing a handstand.
I don’t know what I would do without them even today, being a grown up – at least age wise – I can always call them no matter what time of the day and they will be there for me. 


When going to university in Graz it hasn’t been easy either. I always loved fashion and playing around with Make-Up and the newest style trends but as Graz is like one of the smallest and most conservative cities I never fit in. I always had the feeling that I don’t belong there. So it was definitely time for a change and I decided to fulfill one of my dreams – moving to a different city. I know Vienna is still in Austria but I love it. I love my life here – meeting so many nice people that give me the feeling of not having to hide myself under a mask is just awesome. They are always there for me when I need them and still we laugh very much together. 

I know this might be a little all over the place but it is something that I really wanted to mention here. From my point of view doing sports in general helped me turn into a confident woman. I don’t know what it is maybe the endorphins that are produced while working out or the fact that you can push yourself to the limit. – I love this feeling as I can see that giving up is never an option as I can achieve everything when working hard enough.
I need to disclaim here that I am definitely not working out to lose weight I just do it because of the feeling I get afterwards. It’s a mix of exhausted but happy and definitely proud. 


If you are in such a situation that I have been – not loving yourself – there’s one trick that maybe sounds dumb but it will definitely work: „Fake it till you make it“ – well I told you sounds weird but standing in front of a mirror everyday telling yourself how awesome and beautiful you are makes a huge difference in the way you see yourself. I swear it’s Nina approved. It might not be easy the first few times but it will definitely become easier. 

Today I can say one thing for sure I love myself, the way I look the way I am just everything – I am totally happy with my life. 
Before I have always been jealous of the things other girls have but after recognizing what I have it completely stopped. I also stopped thinking about what others think of me. It is weirs but turing into myself I don’t care what others want me to be. So please stop listening when someones rude, also cut off all the people from your life that make you feel ashamed of yourself. If you’re not proud of yourself then who will? 

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