Huda Beauty Desert Dusk Palette – Review

I always wanted the Modern Renaissance Palette of Anastasia Beverly Hills and as we have no access to Sephora in Austria I thought why not buy it when I’m in France. – small note in passing I’ve been to  France in the middle of August with a good friend of mine. If you want to read the blogpost about it I’ll link it here
Anyways my friend is really into Make-Up, the newest trends and knows, because of reading lots of reviews, what’s top and what’s flop.


So arriving in France the first thing we did was hopping into Sephora where I immediately grabbed the Palette of Anastasia Beverly Hills. Maybe one or the other is now wondering why I am writing a review about Huda Beauty, yet telling you anything about the other one. Well my friend told me that this Palette – Huda Beauty Desert Dusk – is way better as it includes 18 beautiful colors – 6 more than from the other palette. Includes a Mirror and only costs about 10€ more. She had pretty good arguments so I bought it. 
I know this palette is a little bit more expensive. To be honest it costs 68€ but I have to admit it is absolutely worth it. I have never seen any palette with such beautiful colors. First of all it includes matte shades – some are pretty neutral, like desert sand or musk, others are more vibrant, like saffron for example. The other textures that you can find here are dazzling glitter, shimmering pearl shades and duo-chrome toppers. 
I have to admit as my friend told me about these four unique textures, i had no clue what she meant. thaha 
Don’t get me wrong I love applying my Make-Up as well as playing around with it but when it comes to all these different kinds of textures I am totally lost. 
To help the ones that are now also a little bit overwhelmed I will list the names of the different textures here: 


  • creamy matte:
    desert sand
  • shimmering pearl:
    blood moon
    turkish delight
  • duo-chrome
  • dazzling glitter


To continue I put this palette to the acid test and tried to do as many looks as possible. In the beginning I wasn’t sure how to use these colors but I totally know how to do it now. 
The variety of looks you can create is immens. It ranges from simple day to day looks to crazy going out clubbing. 
Last week I created a cranberry autumn look with it and I got so many compliments on it. The application is very easy and also the pigmentation is awesome. Just to warn you use little product and build it up otherwise you will look like after fighting someone. Don’t laugh it happened to me the first time using Desert Dusk. When you want to recreate my cranberry look, I learned how to do it by following this amazing video


Talking about the palette per se the quality is incredible. Most of the palettes I have include a mirror that is wavy or not worth using as you can’t see anything but this one is perfect. It has all a mirror needs – it’s solid, huge and well processed. 

To be honest with you I can’t find any negative thing about this palette – well for some of you it might be the price but when buying this palette you definitely don’t need any other. 

To conclude I am so happy that my friend convinced me buying this product. I take it with me to any trip and use it basically everytime I am doing my Make-Up. The colors I love the most are musk as it is a pretty good crease color, saffron to make the look stand out and my favorite of all is  royal to add those sparkles. There’s no such thing as too much glitter. 




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