Something Classic

I love going all out when it comes to my style but on some days I just love a classic look. This in particular. It includes three of my favorite pieces that go perfect together – thank god. 


First my lovely boxy roll neck jumper. I bought it the other day on asos and I absolutely don’t know how I could live so long without it. Thaha okay I am exaggerating. I just love the classic cut, the navy color and the awesome pattern it has. As it is always, really always windy here in Vienna I love the roll neck it comes with. It is just a little bit shorter than a normal turtle neck but that’s what I love most about it. I hate it when feeling so cramped in some jumpers, just like they take all the air to breath. Is it just me? 
Anyways the second thing I love are my classic blue jeans. They aren’t ripped (not normal for me) and aren’t too tight on the legs. It is just like a girlfriend pant cut. 
And last but not least are definitely my ballerinas. Normally I don’t really wear them but they make every outfit look so upperclass. You know what I mean? You can pair a potato sack to it and will still look elegant. They just give every outfit a nice spice. 


I like wearing this look when it comes to do normal stuff, like studying, working or when meeting with friends for a cup of coffee. Just things where I don’t need to be super dressed. 
I probably say this about every outfit I am wearing but it is also one of the most comfortable outfits to wear. The jeans not cutting into my hips, I can move my arms as the jumper isn’t too tight, only the shoes not comfortable at all so if you want to go all in with the comfort wear a pair of sneakers. I just like the girly look this whole outfit gives. 


To make it more winter appropriate, I would also recommend wearing some warm boots a warm coat and a lovely hat. Ready to go for a walk with the family on a nice chilled sunday in winter. 


Shop the Look: 

Jumper – Asos
Jeans – Brandy Melville (similar)
Shoes – Prada (similar)
Bag – Michael Kors  (similar)
Coat – Zara (similar)

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