Christmas Party in Style

December – it’s the last month of the year and basically a whole month of celebration. Before christmas all the parties take place to celebrate that jesus birthday is right around the corner. 
Any office is celebrating with their employees and so I thought I would show you what I would wear – maybe one or the other will get some inspiration. I know I am not working for an office,  basically just for some promotion agencies but they are not inviting their promotion girls to their celebration as this would be more than gigantic. 


It’s just a simple business look but with the curled hair and some nice accessories you can definitely rock any party. I would also wear it on a daily bases just with flat boots to make it a little bit more edgy or also for new years eve. Do you already have plans for this evening? I still think I will basically be cuddled up in a blanket watching all the fireworks. 


This is a very casual business look but as I see it it is just the classic one for all the formal parties. I guess no boss ever will love seeing you in a mini mini mini dress. You can never go wrong with the basics and they even don’t have to cost a fortune. I mean the trousers and the blouse are from Zara. I know that this blouse is more over the top with all the ruffles on it, but I just love being extra and love to have a nice eye catcher with any look. The blazer belongs to my mother, and she was so kind taking all these pics with me. I definitely think that her wardrobe is my favorite place to shop. On the one hand her style is amazing and on the other hand free stuff. – am I right?  


I can’t say it often enough but when it comes to party clothing and also business clothing zara is always the best place to buy things. Most of the time the quality and the price are just in perfect combination. 


I really need to stop rambling so much… 
To continue I would also see myself wearing this look on christmas eve itself. I just love dressing up that night even though my whole family is just staying home but for this magical night we all go all out when it comes to clothing and make up. We are all together singing christmas songs, having food and laughing the whole night. For this year I already have my look that I will definitely upload next week or the week after so be sure to follow me here as well as on Instagram. 


PS: At the moment there is a huge giveaway marathon with 59 other bloggers taking place. These bloggers are absolutely amazing so be sure to check them out and support them. For the whole month of december and also in january you can win two prices each day. To find out how you can enter and where all the giveaways take place just follow me on Instagram as I upload every day where you can win and also I will link the whole calendar down below. 


Shop my Look: 

Trousers – Zara
Blouse – Zara
Shoes – Zara
Bag – Furla
Blazer – belongs to my mother


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