My Christmas Outfit

Sunday – sitting here at my desk listening to christmas music and finally realizing that Christmas eve is exactly in one week time. 
Every year around this time I start realizing how blessed I am and how lucky I am that my only problem is whether I should wear a dress with heels or flat shoes and that I have the privilege to make such a thing as a wish list that definitely will come true as I am only wishing for materialistic stuff. It hits me every year that there are also people out there that don’t have all these privileges and so we should really start thinking about them as well and start doing something about it. At christmas it hits me the most as I am moaning about the cold and that it is also way too cold inside my flat but there are also people that don’t have a roof over their heads. 
So what I thought we should start doing is donating clothes or bring them food so they have something in their lives that make them smile a little bit.

I just had to get this off my mind before continuing writing about what I w

ill wear on christmas eve. I don’t know why it comes into my mind just around christmas time but I hope that I can open just ones mind so there are more people out there helping. 


To continue with the more fun stuff. I decided to go for a very festive and sparkly dress this year. I saw it – tried it – bought it. On the rack it looked a little bit like a potato sack but I thought let’s just try it on and see maybe it will be my outfit for this year. See I had been right. I love the fit of it and also all these stars that are spread around all over it. 


Furthermore I paired it with some red boots as I love mixing something super girly with something junky. I love these edgy vibes. I still have no clue whether to style my hair like this or if I just let it hang straight from my head but you will definitely see this on christmas eve. To be honest this might be the only thing you will see on christmas day of me as I want to enjoy the whole day with my family.


We have major plans: 
First thing in the morning my father, my stepmom and me, yes just us three maybe my stepbrother and maybe my brother but us three for sure are going on a hike up the Schöckl. As the evening is planned to be with my mothers side of the family. Being a child with separated parents it is never that easy. thaha maybe the one or the other will understand what I am talking about. 
Straight afterwards we will party at my grandpas house where all the family members of my mothers side will be and where we all will spent the rest of the evening – even my boyfriend is coming which makes me super happy. I am just so blessed to have such a huge and awesome family. 
I can’t wait until it is finally sunday and I can see the tree sparkling for the first time and see the face of my little cousin that is just a major smile. – of course I know how the tree will be decorated as I am the one doing it but it is something different when all the candles are burning. 


I hope you all are also spending an amazing christmas eve with your family. 

Merry Christmas everyone and lots of love from me. 


Shop My Look: 

Dress – Zara
Shoes – Urban Outfitters

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