Review 2017 and New Years Resolutions

I’m siting here on the train to Graz thinking about my life and what I have achieved this year. How comes every year at the end everyone gets so emotional? I know exactly when leaving the train today someone will ask me: What are your New Years Resolutions?
I know I shouldn’t be that surprised that someone asks this question but every year it just hits me. That’s the point when I start realizing another year is over. I am 23 now and I have to say I am absolutely proud of what I have achieved so far. Of course some decisions were totally wrong but I wouldn’t be who I am today.


So I thought I would start this post by reviewing this whole year.
Last year my New Year Resolutions have been:
Rocking my studies by giving all I can – Check I worked pretty hard studied my ass off and passed every exam I did.
Not taking everything so serious – half check this one was pretty hard for me. I really want to be more chilled when something happens unexpectedly – I gave my best and most of the times I stayed pretty chilled so it’s half achieved.


Well, those have been all my resolutions for this whole year. I know not many but I was so happy when making them that I thought I didn’t need to change anything else.

Now I am here again asking myself the same question like last year. What are the things I want to achieve? Do I want to change anything about my life?
I am looking outside the window of the train looking at the snowy scenery – I have to admit I feel like acting for a music video as I am also listening to some music.
There are some things that I try to conquer this year:

I still want to give everything I can to finally finish my studies. So that is the first resolution that comes straight into my mind.
Some – especially my friends and family know – that I am a very emotional person. I often can’t control my feelings and start crying, most of the time unnecessarily. I want to be more controlled. I really don’t want to start crying in the middle of the city surrounded by many unknown people. This will definitely be a huge deal for me.
The third and last one: (not many this year either) This one is something that not many people know about me. I want to work on my anxiety. I have agoraphobia. Whenever I am caught in a huge crowd or sitting in the middle seat in the back of the car I feel so trapped that I start panicking. I absolutely hate this. I used to love going to concerts, dancing in clubs or being surrounded by a huge crowd but I can’t do any of these things anymore. It is horrible. So I really want to start working on myself and face my fear.


So basically looking back on this whole year I am so damn proud of myself. I am so lucky and thankful to have this life and to have all the opportunities to do whatever I want. I am so happy to have a family that spreads so much love and always has my back no matter what. Of course there have been ups and downs this year but all in all it was an awesome one.

Do you have any New Years Resolutions? Did you have an awesome year as well?



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