Neujahrsvorsätze – Wie du es schaffst sie durchzuziehen

Neujahrsvorsätze – Wie du es schaffst sie durchzuziehen

Jahrelang habe ich mir keine Vorsätze fürs Neue Jahr gemacht, oder zumindest nur insgeheim, weil ich schon wusste 2. Jänner und ich falle wieder in mein altes Muster zurück. Aber ich habe mich von ein paar Bloggern und YouTubern inspirieren lassen und habe nun ein paar Tipps, wie du es auch wirklich schaffst deine Vorsätze [...]

Granny Hair

Lately I became really obsessed changing my hair constantly. As you may know I first went to really light blond hair than changed to pastel pink and now we are here my hair is grey now and I absolutely love it.  I always wanted to get my hair done like this but I don't know [...]

My Acne Story + Tips

The last summer hasn’t been the best. I don’t know why but my skin was breaking out so badly that I had been sitting at home crying the whole time. Mainly it has been on my forehead and my mouth area and I really tried so much to get rid of it. I was rejecting [...]

Storytime: Moving Disaster

I wanna tell you the story about my first week here in Vienna and how my moving process had been working. I just don't know where to begin, this moving process was the worst thing I've ever done.  First of all I planned it pretty precisely and that is nothing you should do, just be [...]

Rocking Firenze with Style

Last city we visited in Tuscany was Firenze - gorgeous city. I, personally thing Siena is the most beautiful city in Tuscany but Firenze also has a lot of charge. My boyfriend said that he would move there immediately if he could speak italian.  As we were wandering around a lot trying to find all [...]

Cortona – Our Paradise

Cortona - okay 10 minutes away from it - that was the place where we stayed last week. I can't imagine something more beautiful or quiet. We have been seven people and had a villa made for fifteen - so as you can tell we had room enough. This house - no VILLA - was [...]