My Christmas Outfit

click on this to find out how my christmas look will be this year. wishing you all a merry merry christmas and i hope you are all spending this night in peace and harmony.

Christmas Party in Style

December - it's the last month of the year and basically a whole month of celebration. Before christmas all the parties take place to celebrate that jesus birthday is right around the corner.  Any office is celebrating with their employees and so I thought I would show you what I would wear - maybe one [...]

10 Facts about Me

My name is Nina Gallé. no i’m not french. I have to admit i had it in school for five years but it's definitely not the bees knees to be honest. I used to hate my name in primary school and I really don’t know why but I guess I’m not the only one. Now [...]

My Tattoos and the Story behind

if you want to know everything about my tattoo, like price, pain and how you can take care of it continue reading this post.