Auch wenn der Sommer noch nicht ganz vorbei ist, freue ich mich dennoch schon auf den Herbst. Nicht nur wegen den tollen Outfits, sondern auch wegen dem leckeren Essen. Am liebsten habe ich ja alles was mit Kürbis zu tun hat und daher zeige ich euch heute mein liebstes Risotto Rezept.

Something Classic

I love going all out when it comes to my style but on some days I just love a classic look. This in particular. It includes three of my favorite pieces that go perfect together - thank god.  First my lovely boxy roll neck jumper. I bought it the other day on asos and I [...]

Mini-Dresses in Fall

This post is for all the ladies, and of course gentlemen, out there who love wearing their dresses but don't know how to style them in autumn/winter. Okay it's mostly just for the ladies.    Maybe one or the other may know that I am freezing basically everyday now. I really try to layer my [...]