Meine Auszeit

Jeder kennt doch sicher das Gefühl, dieses Gefühl, dass einfach alles zu viel wird. Letzte Woche war bei mir der Punkt erreicht, an dem ich, oder besser gesagt mein Körper, einfach nicht mehr wollte. Ich brauchte einfach mal Zeit für mich und Leute, die mir wichtig sind. Ohne lernen, ohne an die Uni oder an [...]

How I Escape Winter Depression

I know that so many people are struggling during this season so I share my secrets with you to stay motivated.

My Wedding Look

Don't panic not my wedding - the wedding of my cousin. I swear to god I've never been to a wedding that made every wedding dream come true. It was a wedding out of a fairytale. Starting of with the location - The little chapel in Schönbrunn, Vienna. The ceremony had been so intimate and [...]

Carinthia Adventures and Looks

My mother is just the best and decided to surprise my brother and myself with a little roadtrip to Pörtschach-Kärnten. She told me that after the whole stress with university and trying to have a social life as well, that I need some time to relax and booked us in this lovely hotel, which has [...]

Happy Birthday Daddy

As my father is turning 50 on the 21st of December, my stepmother decided to have a nice brunch the weekend before. Another thing why this day is so special is that my father has completed the first half of his life. We rented a really lovely café, where they were preparing a nice buffet with [...]