Foodguide – London

Ich habe die letzten sieben Tage in London verbracht. Ursprünglich waren nur vier einhalb Tage geplant, aber was genau passiert ist, warum ich länger geblieben bin kommt in einem anderen Post genauer.  Die liebe Laura und ich haben die Zeit auf alle Fälle in vollen Zügen genossen und haben wirklich richtig tolle Lokale getestet, die [...]

What I did in France

It's been quiet some time since I last uploaded here on my blog. I have been so busy traveling that I just didn't managed to write something. I know not the best excuse but I'm back and I am so happy to tell you everything about my trip to France.  One of my best friends [...]

All About My Summer

The semester has now been over for quiet some time now and of course I made some plans for my vacation beforehand. Unfortunately my summer isn't that spectacular as you may think.  Luckily, as I am a student, I am having 3 full months of doing whatever my heart desires - most of the times. [...]

Cortona – Our Paradise

Cortona - okay 10 minutes away from it - that was the place where we stayed last week. I can't imagine something more beautiful or quiet. We have been seven people and had a villa made for fifteen - so as you can tell we had room enough. This house - no VILLA - was [...]