Romper-Saison offiziell eröffnet

Endlich ist es soweit. Das Wetter ist mittlerweile so warm, dass man endlich seine süßen Einteiler, auch Romper genannt, aus den Tiefen des Kleiderschranks hervorholen kann.  Weiterlesen

Hemd-Kleider – Richtig Kombinieren.

Eines der Must-Haves für diesen Frühling sind Hemden oder besser gesagt Hemd-Kleider kombiniert zur Jeans. 
Dieses tolle Stück habe ich bei ergattert und das beste daran es war auch noch richtig billig.  Weiterlesen

5 Fakten über mich

Ich verrate euch heute 5 weitere Fakten über mich, um euch mich und meine Person besser vorzustellen. Ich habe schon einmal 10 Fakten über mich hochgeladen, welche ich hier verlinken werde: 10 Facts about me. Weiterlesen

Outfits of the Week

Wie viele von euch vielleicht  schon mitbekommen haben, bin ich mit Abstand einer der größten Modejunkies, die es gibt. Es gibt niemanden in meinem Freundeskreis, der Modetrends so hinterher jagt, wie ich. 
Daher hab ich mir gedacht, anstelle von einem Outfit, zeige ich euch mal eine Woche meiner Looks. Ich würde gerne eine neue Kategorie daraus machen und das jedes Monat einmal machen. Gefällt euch die Idee?  Weiterlesen

Mom Jeans For The Win

If you are following me on Instagram or on my Blog you might have seen a lot of change in the way I love to dress and also how to do my Make-Up. I have been trying out so many different styles and tried to copy so many Bloggers but I finally found my own style. I love everything and still love to try out every new trend that is happening but I finally know what suits me and what just looks fake. 


I love to wear clothes that are comfortable but still have a girly touch to it. I will never be just the skater girl or just a business woman. I finally found myself. I know it may sound a little bit weird and some of you still may think that I am copying somebody but I am definitely not. I love to get inspiration that’s true but I will never ever again wear something I am feeling myself in. 


This Outfit is a really good example Mom Jeans are totally trendy at the moment but I wasn’t feeling it until I found this amazing pair of jeans at asos. They have the perfect cut, size and are girly like no other. I have never seen anything like them before. I love to pair it with some sort of crop top as it is really high waisted. From my point of view wearing something oversized to it may make you look a little you’ve gained some weight. I hope you understand what I am trying to say. It is also the perfect look for a nice spring day where the sun is out and about but it is still a little bit chilly. Here in Vienna the wind is always blowing and makes it feel much colder than it actually is so this look is perfect. 


Another thing: Can we please take a moment of silence to appreciate the look of my amazing shoes. I mean how can somebody not just love them. They are absolutely stunning and so shiny some people might get dazzled. I never thought when buying them that I am getting so much use out of them but they just suit every look and every style. 


Shop My Look: 

Jeans – Asos
Shirt – Brandy Melville
Necklace – Brandy Melville
Watch – Rolex
Shoes – Zara (similar) (similar one)