Streetstyle Kopenhagen – Der Look der Dänen

Wenn ich an Skandinavier denke, dann kommt mir sofort eines in den Sinn und zwar stylish. Wirklich ich kenne kein Volk, welches sich besser kleidet. Das ist mir schon damals bei meiner Reise nach Schweden aufgefallen. Sie haben eine Gabe aus super simplen Einzelteilen einen unglaublich schönen Look zu kreieren. Ich habe mich auf meiner [...]

5 Fakten über mich

Da ich mich euch gerne noch ein bisschen vorstellen möchte sind hier 5 weitere Fakten über mich. Viel Spaß beim Lesen.


Bei wem ist es auch schon so weit? Ich kann es kaum mehr erwarten, dass die Tage endlich heller, freundlicher und wärmer werden.  Letzte Woche sah es noch ganz danach aus, als wäre es jetzt so weit, aber leider hat uns die Wetterfee nur einen kleinen Streich gespielt und es anschließend gleich wieder ordentlich schneien [...]

Something Classic

I love going all out when it comes to my style but on some days I just love a classic look. This in particular. It includes three of my favorite pieces that go perfect together - thank god.  First my lovely boxy roll neck jumper. I bought it the other day on asos and I [...]

Crushing Fall/Winter 2017 in Leather

Scrolling through Instagram lately you can't overcome the current fashion trend - leather. In all shapes and sizes, like dresses, skirts or trousers.  For me personally I always thought leather won't suit my body type until my mother told me otherwise. Her exact words were: EVERYONE can rock leather, theres no right or wrong.  And [...]

From Hoodie with Love

I am so damn happy about the fact that the Hoodie is finally an It-Piece. - wearable in any situation. Long time you could only wear them at home when wearing you're "staying all day on the sofa" clothes. I have to admit that I still don't feel very chic when wearing it but you [...]

How I Style my Ankle Boots

As the summer in Austria only lasts one to two weeks - I am already preparing myself for autumn. The last couple days have been pouring rain here in Graz and even if it had more than 20 degrees I have been freezing cold. Okay I am definitely overreacting but my body just loves the [...]

Carinthia Adventures and Looks

My mother is just the best and decided to surprise my brother and myself with a little roadtrip to Pörtschach-Kärnten. She told me that after the whole stress with university and trying to have a social life as well, that I need some time to relax and booked us in this lovely hotel, which has [...]

Make Button-Up Shirts Look Extra

I read an article in my favorite magazine - MISS - about how to wear your shirts and blouses in a different more interesting way. All the stars are doing it and rocking this new style.  I have a button-up shirt at home that looks worn quiet unfitted. I only wear it underneath sweaters but [...]

Sailor-Look: How I Style My Striped Shorts

Last week, when my mom has been here in Vienna, we went for a little shopping spree and had gone a little bit overexcited in Zara. I really have to say that I am obsessed with Zara at the moment, they have so much cute stuff and the quality is amazing for most of the [...]