My Family-Trip to Italy

Every year my mother, her boyfriend, my boyfriend, my grandpa and I go on a trip together. Last year we've been to Arezzo, Italy and this year we decided to go further to the sea and went to Pietrasanta, Italy. Both is in beautiful Tuscany.  As every year, okay this tradition only exists for two [...]

Rocking Firenze with Style

Last city we visited in Tuscany was Firenze - gorgeous city. I, personally thing Siena is the most beautiful city in Tuscany but Firenze also has a lot of charge. My boyfriend said that he would move there immediately if he could speak italian.  As we were wandering around a lot trying to find all [...]

Exploring little SIENA

As the weather wasn’t always the best, we decided to go on a little adventure and explore Siena. After an hour of driving (as I see it not too long) we arrived in this little city built into a hill. All the little paths are pretty narrow and some of them pretty steep. My grandfather, [...]

Cortona – Our Paradise

Cortona - okay 10 minutes away from it - that was the place where we stayed last week. I can't imagine something more beautiful or quiet. We have been seven people and had a villa made for fifteen - so as you can tell we had room enough. This house - no VILLA - was [...]

Ready for Tuscany

Finally. I've been waiting for this trip the whole summer. As I haven't been traveling all summer so far this vacation happens right on cue. My boyfriend and me had been working so much that we really need this time off the schedule.  So I thought it may be interesting for you what I pack [...]